Kills 99.9999%

Under laboratory testing, OneKlenz continues to outperform its closest rivals. While the Hand Sanitiser Pro kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, HIPPO Hygienics has reached 99.9999% sanitisation efficiency.

Safe On Skin

At the core of OneKlenz is a focus on care. The alcohol-free solution reduces the risk of accidental misuse, as well as being kind to skin. It is also is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic, and non-toxic.

Wastage Reduced

The ethos of ‘one solution’ also has a major impact on the reliance of packaging. Creating a single product to replace all other cleaners reduces the amount of plastic bottles used, as well as waste and storage.

Superior Results

OneKlenz disinfects up to 10x faster than current sanitising products. It has also been tested on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and has shown to kill the virus on surfaces within just 30 seconds.

Reduce Costs

As an industry leading single-phase cleaning solution, it’s simplicity and power means commercial cleaning times are reduced by over 60%.

CEFAS Certified

OneKlenz continues to care even after use. It is a solution which has been awarded full CEFAS Certification and is safe for sealife and sustainable blue growth.

OneKlenz is a ready-to -use multi-purpose disinfecting super cleaner. It is a homogeneous blend of surfactants, Ethoxylates and hyper wetting agents. It also contains Chlorhexidine, one of the world’s most widely used disinfectants. When processed together, this becomes a super active blend resulting in a spectacular cleaning and sanitising performance.

It has been in the market for many years with satisfied customers in the healthcare, day nursery, adult care homes, hospitality and catering sectors.

• BS EN 1276

• BS EN 13697

• BS EN 16615

• BS EN 1650

• BS EN 13624

• BS EN 1372

Compliance with BS EN 1276 demands a reduction of bacterial load in excess of 99.999% in 30 seconds under test conditions.