Introducing a  better way to clean

Leave Your Chemicals On The Shelf

Developed from half a century of experience in cleaning and FM industries, Sanzonate Aqueous Ozone is a fully sustainable, natural cleaner and sanitiser is harmless to humans and animals but deadly to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Sanzonate reduces chemical usage, consumption of single-use plastics and overall environmental impact. Unlike other Aqueous Ozone systems, Sanzonate eliminates the ongoing costs associated with stabilising products.


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The Facts

Ozone is a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms (O3). The molecule is very unstable. This instability plays a large part in how ozone acts as a powerful cleaning agent. Aqueous Ozone is many times more powerful than bleach. Ozone works on the principle of oxidation. Because it is naturally very unstable, the ozone is attracted to contaminants containing organic compounds. The extra atom in the ozone molecule destroys the contaminant and in the process reverts to its natural state of oxygen. Ozone will oxidise immediately on contact and is effective against many materials including bacteria, moulds and viruses. It is also a powerful deodoriser.